Eye/face wash and shower combination station

RWD Emergency Shower & Eye Wash conform withANSI Z358.1-2014.the shower, as well as the waste-water collecting sink are customizable.

Anti-freezing emergency shower & eye wash

Adopt the new patented eye wash spray head.The outlet water flow of the eye wash spray head is controlled by the flow regulation structure......

Emergency shower & eye wash room

① There is a waste-water collection sink in the eye wash room.The eye wash pipeline is provided with a seepage hole to empty the residual water in the eye wash......

Vertical emergency eye wash

After the use of eye wash and face wash is stopped, the water in the pipeline will be drained automatically to achieve the purpose of anti-freezing. The inlet part and outlet part are customizable;shut off valve and filter are proposed to be equipped on the water-supply end.

Wall-mount emergency shower & eye wash

limited working space and laboratory more need to advance the rate of using,the wall mounted eye wash is cabinet and convenient.After washing the eyes, the pipe of water can empty automatically to achieve preventting frostbite.

Portable emergency eye wash

high-quality brand-new LDPE material, processed by a modified acid and alkali resistant process .It has excellent weather resistance and will not affect its service life when used in an environment with extremely low ambient temperature or on ships. Resistant to strong acids, alkalis, salts, oils, etc.

Bench-mount hand-held showers

When in use, withdraw the main body of the eye washer from the table holder, push the push button with your thumb and push forward at the same time, the switch valve opens and locks the water flow, you can rinse; after the rinse is completed, pull back the push button and release, the switch valve is Close, and then reset the main body of the eye washer to the table mount.

Imported eyewash

PH Neutral:4.9% sterile phosphate buffer for a rapid and effective neutralising of acids and alkad li. Documented safety and effect .The fluid neutraliscs acids and alkali fast and with no danger for the eye.

Safety Fittings

Protect the people in your facility with the only safety fittings tough enough to carry the Runwangda name. Whether you need eyewash, drench shower, or combination fittings, Runwangda has the products you need to meet code requirements and keep workers and visitors safe.

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